May 9, 2008

509 Wiegers x Eva Mendes

WDYWT To do a bunch of stuff today.

On my way to school I was listening to the radio and I heard Eva Mendes (2F2F & We Own the Night) took nude pictures for Vogue Italy. I got curious and found these:


Anyways, I had to go to school early to attend a review session for Microbiology, so I had to be there at 8AM. Then I went to my 9AM class and after that, my 10AM. Once I got out, the stresses of Finals came and I've got to start to prepare for I have my first Final on Monday 8AM. When I got home, I just chilled and at around 5PM, Auntie Lyn, Toby, and I went downtown to Horton Plaza. Auntie Lyn bought some Mother's Day stuff for some of the mothers down here. Anyways, Toby got new clothes and I got food. HAHA, Lol. Went to Walmart, Big Lots, Party City, & Jamba Juice after we visited Uncle Ernie. Hopefully, my weekend isn't too crazy 'cause I've got work on both days...