May 29, 2008


Shit fuck bitch... Was transferring pictures from last night when my papa and I took Auntie Pining, Uncle Danny, and Mariz to Old Town and the Hyatt hotel by Seaport Village. Damnit! Mostly all the pictures are gone. That's not the only bad part. I hella deleted my old pictures of shoes and stuff. Shit!!! Well, I'll have the pictures that weren't deleted up by tonight.

Aside from that, I'm not taking Summer Session at SDSU anymore. I spoke with my EOP counselor and said it was a better idea to take Human Physiology during the Fall semester and that it would be easier too. So, I should expect to be in the Bay sooner than I thought..

The only surviving picture

Left to Right: Uncle Danny, Auntie Pining, Mariz, My Dad, Yours Truly.


J0NLEE said...

Are you wearing earmuffs or is that just your shagggggyyyy hair? hahha! Just kidding buddy.