May 18, 2008

H-O-T ! ! !

Damn, it was hot yesterday! I think it was in the 90s when I checked. That Bay Area weather came down here in a hurry. Shit, since it was too hot to go out or anything I just stayed home and played with Lynard. He's got the only air-conditioned room in the house and it sure damn felt nice inside there. I've got a week of r&r before summer school starts on the 28th. I gotta figure out how I'm gonna get my textbooks and my school supplies. Hopefully, I'll have enough to pay off the summer session at SDSU. Here's how the schedule will be set up: 2-3:40PM Lectures from M-Th & 4-7:20PM Labs on Tuesday/Thursday. Omg, summer school's going to be so boring. Atleast it's for 7 weeks only and hopefully, time will fly by fast. So, from now 'til the 28th, I have a To Do list I want to accomplish. I might want to add a few more that I know I'll forget.

To Do List:

  1. Wash my car
  2. Rearrange furniture in my room
  3. Clean my room
  4. Visit my Grandpa Mel
  5. Set up an appointment with my EOP Counselor (WPA, grades, etc.)
  6. Visit Nursing Office (Registering for Nursing program)
  7. Set up volunteering time At Scripts/Rady Children's Hospital
  8. Register for WPA
Heh. I'll get these finished ASAP. I'm gonna update and edit that Wish List o