May 15, 2008

One last final...

WDYWT: 514 - To take my History101 Final

: 515 - To SDSU, Albertson's, PostOffice, pick up Toby?


Well, yesterday I gave Lynard a haircut 'cause he has a picture taking thing today at his school, so Auntie Lyn asked me to make him pogi and I did! Haha, it was quick and much easier than the other times I've cut his hair. Anyways, not planing much for today except to study a lil' for my last Final (Asian101). Oh, I went to Wells Fargo and deposited some cash that I got from the books I sold today and my paycheck. I think I got about $147. Pay Day again is next week, so hopefully I'll have enough for books when I start Summer school on the 28th.

DSC07834 copy
Courtesy of Kuya Reeve.

DSC07833 copy

DSC07832 copy
Auntie Lyn was trying to make him smile and this is the look he gave her! Lol.