June 4, 2008

Depressing Weather

Wow, it's just stopped raining. About an hour ago, it was just super foggy. Hmm.. Anyways, my day's been getting more boring by the second. Just picked up Toby from school, fixed Mariz's laptop, and watched a lil' bit of the Food Network. Gosh, I love the food on that channel, but I hate how you cannot experience the deliciousness of what they make. My mom called me during her break and told me that I'll be doing my volunteer work at the VA in Palo Alto. Yay for me.. Lol, not really 'cause I start next Wednesday. Umm.. Some guy was interested in the shoes that I was selling and said he'd send me the money today, but I haven't gotten anything. Hopefully, someone takes my shoes off my hands before I drive up to the Bay after the weekend so that there's less baggage to load up. Anyways, sold'em for less than I wanted 'cause no one's budging.. Man, I'm giving them up for $30 less than what I paid for... Fuckin' gay if you ask me. Anyways, the past is the past and I need cash NOW!! Tryna get past the $5000 mark before I actually start spending it. So, yeah..

Since there's no food in the house, Auntie Lyn made me go to Lil' Caesar's. Got home pigged out and Auntie Pining had some leftover Mexican food. Shit, I had to finish it. Damn, gotta work out tomorrow too..


Mariz's laptop

Her wireless pc card wasn't picking up the Wifi signal in the house, but it's okay, I fixed it =)

It went from this to raining.

Got bored and was lookin' for pictures of this gorgeous woman. This picture is actually photoshopped; the one on the right was added. Pretty good, huh? She sexy, too.. Lol.

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