August 16, 2008

Keepin' busy..

August 16 - Saturday

Pretty hectic day. Woke up early this morning to take my car to Uncle Danny's shop up in Poway to get my brakes checked. Turns out that the front brakes needed to be replaced and the rear brakes were just unaligned. Auntie Lyn came with me, too. When we dropped off our cars, we had breakfast at Burger King; had the #2 on the breakfast menu & #7 for Auntie Lyn. Afterwards, we chilled at Biglots, which was just a block away. Auntie Lyn had so many things she wanted to buy, but decided to just buy'em at a much closer Biglots. We then headed to CVS. Just looked around and was checkin' some of the "Anniversary" cards, so I can get some inspiration for something I need to get done soon! We went back to the shop and surprisingly came back just at the right time. Uncle Danny finished with our cars and hooked it up fo'reel. Auntie Lyn went home and I went to the post office to ship out a pair of shoes I sold. When I got home, Auntie Lyn, Mariz, and I hit up Goldenchopsticks in National City. We ate once we got home and I got ready for work. Work was fine, nothing too bad. On my way home, I noticed the moon and took pictures.