January 3, 2009

No choice? I guess I do have one...

Just came across this on the Yahoo! page. This is a snippet of my yearly horoscope:

Year 2009 Overview

"Aquarius is all about a new vision in 2009, and working to move our planet toward the highest and healthiest quality of life. You are highly energized with this wonderful alignment, and your inspiration is rekindled to move energy in grandiose ways. You are able to utilize these high frequencies in order to create new structure and value in people's lives..."

Link: http://shine.yahoo.com/astrology/aquarius/yearly-overview/;_ylt=AuSQzuzOy5Mkwy1KpeD2litebqU5

I'm not one to believe horoscopes because I just think that its up to the individual to determine how their day, month, or year will turn into. You are the only person that controls how your year will turn out. Destiny is in your own hands because you are the one making decisions to the choices presented to you. But I could make an exception for this one because I'm starting over & there's no turning back. The past is behind me & that's what it is now. The past. My attitude for this year is to always look forward to what's ahead of me...

This is another snippet of my yearly love horoscope:

Year 2009 Romantic

"You are so enthusiastic in serving mankind that you sometimes leave yourself out of the equation...

As you start trusting and accepting that your inner desires are just as important (if not even more so) as helping others, you'll begin to have a deeper understanding of who you are..."
Link: http://shine.yahoo.com/astrology/aquarius/yearly-love/;_ylt=Ag8lTChx66qjJCsy_TuG2XlebqU5

January 2nd - Friday

30 days left. Chilled & played Monopoly basically for like 5 hours. One thing I learned during my week here is that I suck at Super Smash Bros. Brawl...


January 3rd - Saturday

29 more days. About to go to Sonics...