February 26, 2009

"Plenty of girls that wish they could be standing on the side of me...

Worth a listen
Jamie foxx - Number one
...I can see the look up in your eyes, but the lookin at your thighs, lips, and hips make a n*gga naturize."

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February 26th - Thursday

Wow, this month is almost over?! Time flies when you're busy. IMHO, I feel like this is the first month I've actually had fun in a long time. Hopefully, this becomes a trend for the following months.

The Lent season had arrived and was just thinking of what I would be giving up this year. The past few years have been really good and I just couldn't think of something new to give up...

Lent '09
  • No swearing
  • No meat on Wednesdays also
  • No junk food

I also plan to do a lil' reinventing. I've made a goal to have a 6-pack by summer time. This goal thing is gonna kick me in the butt, but goals are what our lives are made up of and the thing that determines our success is whether or not we accomplish those goals.

Here's just a snippet:
  • 6-pack by this summer
  • Fix up my civic
  • Step up my camera gear & shoot at events
  • Continue my sneaker search

40D Body, 17-55mm, fisheye, & 580EXII