April 22, 2009

"A disguise, that was all it was a diguise...

Ne-yo - You don't love me
...took me a minute to find out now I finally see, I finally realize ."

Every post seems to look cluttered. Gotta clean it up somehow...

Damn, I'm hella sad this teleserye is in its last week. From September to now, I've been on my laptop watching Betty La Fea. Wtf am I gonna do now?! Bea & John Lloyd are my favs. Lol, I sound like such a FOB. Anyways, it was great while it was on. Looking back to all the episodes, there is a common theme that seemed to always drew me into watching and it was that you get to live one life. You're given a chance to live a life and there's no point to be sad or negative. No one should be looking for a reason to frown.

I can honestly say that I learned to change my perspective in life. My life right now is bullshit; problems left to right, endless nonsense. But I know that there's no reason to feel depressed because happiness is what I'm looking for. Pushing all of that to side and finding a reason to smile each day is what I strive to do because time is precious, yet there's so much of it. So, when you're feeling like shit, ignore that negative stuff that made you feel like that and just do something positive because nothing should get in the way of your happiness....