April 19, 2009

"Her body's so tight up under that light...

Dj drama - Daydreamin'
...I see her so clearly now, she's right there before my eyes."

Lol, had this song stuck in my head for like 3 days straight...

April 13th - Monday
Had a physical fitness assessment assignment for my kinesiology class. Pretty average even though I wasn't trying, hehe. 8AM classes are lame.

April 14th - Tuesday
Back on myspace. Decided after a long time. It was getting distracting when I was contemplating about deleting it a few months ago, but decided I wasn't used to Facebook and Myspace would help me keep in touch with my friends better. Plus, more exposure for my pictures.

If I haven't added you yet, http://myspace.com/reevebantug =]

April 15th - Wednesday
Had a crappy ass day, but found out my Child/family development midterm was delayed a week, so it ended on a positive note. Geez, I didn't think I had have such a bad day. Gotta make it on my own.

April 16th - Thursday
Chilled with my long lost cousin. Lol, jk. Walked around downtown SD, hit up a lil' house party in Point Loma, and crashed at my cousin's friend's house. Hella coool people.

April 17th - Friday
Wow, no pictures yet. Lol. But anyways, dropped off my cousin once we woke up and I freshened up before hitting up the library for a take-home exam. Finished just before the library closed. Pretty productive day, IMO. Headed to one of my cousin's house to drink a lil since he turned 21. He got fk up, lol.
Photobucket Photobucket
[Right pic] Sorry, Von! Had to do it, lol. iPhone camera kinda sucks...

April 18th - Saturday
Work FML. I'm gonna quit soon. Gonna turn in my volunteer form ASAP. After work, just had a lil' BBQ with my cousin's friend's house that we crashed at. His friend's mom's jalapeno poppers were hella awesomely delicious! I would have eaten them all but I didn't want them to think I was a pig even though I was, lol. Set up a bonfire, roasted some marshmallows, & devoured some s'mores

Work again. For sure quitting. Church in the afternoon, Lola at the cemetry, then Mexican food at Vero's just down the street in our neighborhood. Good food as always. Fish burrito is the best there, but fk Toby ate the other half of my burrito, so I finished his carne asada fries. Lol, I'm a fatass. Vaqueros carne asada fries > Vero's carne asada fries