April 8, 2009

"I'll write a song three times a day but I can't talk to you...

Ne-yo - It's you
...I know what's wrong, I never meant for me to feel like I do."

Drastic changes to the appearance of my blog the last month or so. If I don't procrastinate with my Exercise/Nutrition project, I'll hopefully be done by the end of the week or sooner. Oh, if you're reading my blog or just browsing pictures.... Thanks!

April 6th - Monday

Back to school. Weather was great today, but I overdressed with my jacket. Hella people in their shorts & flipflops. San Diego weather is the best! Anyways, project due wednesday & I haven't started. Had like 10 weeks to do but damn, I'm so lazy. Gonna get that started tomorrow, LOL. Felt good today, not too much thinking which is good 'cause I'll just get depressed when I do...

Almost 4months...

...so its only right to Febreze'em