April 28, 2009

"It's hard to keep in touch while you're off in school...

...but now you're right here we can do what we do."

Probably the last time I'll be hearing this song before I have to start to stay away from it. Anyways, been busy since the last post. I haven't even looked at my camera for hella days already. Gotta get back to taking pictures ASAP. Lol. Can't wait for football season to start; Chargers are going to be hella good this time around. NBA playoffs in the mean time is great...

Larry English of NIU; picked at #16 by the Chargers in the 1st round. Quarterbacks should be afraid when they play us. Merrimen, Philips, & English in rotation?! Damnnnn, I think we'll have another 2006 season again!

Not fair at all. AI didn't even play! Lol.

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