July 19, 2009

"You got a boyfriend, we ain't gon` tell...

...don't say a word, keep it to yourself."

July 9th
Haven't blogged in awhile. Anyways, felt homesick so I drive back home to the Bay. After a 8hr drive in hella hot weather, met up with some friends & went to Sabor in downtown San Jose. Had a great time there. It was like a reunion night for me 'cause there were hella heads that I saw from wayyyy back in the days when I still lived in Sunnyvale. I haven't seen them in years, which sucks but that's what happens when you grow up. So after Sabor, we hit up Taxi's at Mercado and there is yet another familiar face, Mark Allen, who I haven't seen since graduation lol. Grrrrreat first night home & Jon Lee is the best ;] hehe

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July 10th Friday
Bad night. Let's move on.

July 11th Saturday
Ran some errands with the madre, chilled at Nikki's luau, & watched Bruno. Best part of Bruno was prolly the previews. Afterwards, headed to downtown San Jose to do some club-hopping. Turned out to be opposite of the night before.


July 12th Sunday
Had about 3-4hrs. sleep before going to church. Was able to get through with a headache & empty tummy. Ate at Ariake on El Camino with my mama. Should have gotten more sushi, but the teriyaki chicken is pretty good. Went to Valley Fair lookin' for a bday present for Auntie Lyn, but no luck. Chilled at Candyce's for some BBQ & hookah.

July 14th
Tried to survive the heatwave by surround myself with 3 fans. No AC at my mom's so I was pretty much in a sauna the whole day.


July 15th Wednesday
Went another BBQ & chilled with the homies. I can't believe I had my camera with me on this trip back home and I didn't even snap one picture. Oops, I lied.


July 16th Thursday
Visited the Tanjocos. Just chilled in Sunnyvale for awhile. Later on that night, went to happy hour at D&B's then headed to Sabor again. Mannnn, as long as I'm with my friends, I know I'll have a good time. Got pho for the first time up in Milpitas. Good shiii, but woke up to a snore throat in the morning, lol. I think I hella burnt it.

July 17th Friday
Happy Sweet 16, Toby. I wanted to go out, but I planned on leaving the next morning so I just spent somemore qualty time with my mother. I miss her already.

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