March 13, 2014

Too Soon

What's up Renz. My mom and I, just yesterday, learned about what happened. We, both, will mourn and grieve your death. We lived miles and miles apart and from what I can remember, we've only met twice. We didn't have the opportunity to have that close cousin-relationship that I wish for all my relatives. The times we spent together, although short and brief, are precious memories I will always hold onto. I will always remember you as this little kid, whose smile lit up whenever you saw me or was playing with me. I'll remember playing pusoy dos and other card games. We used to buy the Ghostfighter card things and play with them like they were pogs. I was always amazed by how knowledgeable you were about riding the jeepneys when we'd go to the market or the mall. You were so happy when we'd go swimming at the beach or even at the swimming pools. I'd especially remember when you'd cry when Aicklle bit or hurt you. The time we shared were great and it truly is a shame we cannot make more memories together. I looked forward to when I could have the chance to head back to the Philippines and see for myself how grown you were since our last meeting, but I'm saddened by the fact I'd have to wait even longer for us to see each other again. All I ask of you is to help Lolo keep watch over our family, especially Lola, Ninang, Ninong, and your two brothers. I know they will have a difficult time accepting that you have moved on and that there is nothing more that I can do, but help support and love your family in your place. Please rest in paradise and be assured that you were and will continue to be loved.

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