December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

My Fit: THilfiger//Levis505//Pure4's

This christmas... will continue, it's under construction.

Forget the bank, I got money in the box!

Lookin' good for church..

Mr. Lynard Tanjoco

Lolo & Lola..

Her visitors..

Merry Christmas, Lola! From Everyone!!

My Mom & Princess

Uncle & Nephew

The newest member of the Bantug Clan

These are a few pictures from Christmas Eve. It was okay; probably not as BIG as the Tanjoco's, but ours was okay. Just stood awake and waited for midnight. Toby fell asleep and I woke him up.

The Christmas tree

Toby & the Christmas tree


Toby, me in the back, & the Gingerbread Man

Auntie Lyn's Nativity Scene

To be continued...