December 27, 2007

A friendly visit...

Well, today was pretty chill. Did a lot of driving around and stuff. First, went Horton Plaza to tour the Sunnyvale people around and eat lunch there. It was a'ight, didn't buy anything; mainly window shopping. I hella was about to buy some Vans Sk8-Hi's, but had doubts about it for some reason. I took a lot of pictures:

Auntie Marla & Uncle Frank

Auntie Rita & Uncle Ramon

"That's my building.."


The sun added a cool effect...

When we ate lunch, I was the only one that got Panda Express; I ordered orange and mongolian chi
cken wit' steam rice. Very delicious =).
Anyways, after that, we went to National City to go to the Everything $5.99 store. It used to be Everything $5; haha.. Yeah, I didn't buy anything, but Auntie Marla bought hella clothes and shii. Oh, and when Auntie Lyn finished paying for what she got, she had to pee and there wasn't anywhere to go, so I suggested that we go to Carl's Jr., which was nearby. We go in and Auntie heads straight for the Restroom, but you need a key or add 25 cents or something. While she's heading for the Restroom, I'm in line acting like I'm going to order something and Auntie Lyn comes back asking for the key, but the cashier guy just tells her, "Just go in."
Lol, a lot of wasted time.. So, yeah..
After National City we go back home to chill for a while and wait for Uncle Ernie, so we can go to Auntie Rita's cousin's house, which coincidently is friends wit' Uncle Ernie. So, we visit, eat, and take a bunch a pictures at Auntie Rita's cousin's house. Their house was pretty nice; they had a lot of couches and Christmas decorations. They ordered sweet & sour shrimp; it was hella bomb.
"Picture, picture!.."

Mother & son...

Their X-Mas decorations

Turned out pretty good...

I caught Uncle Carlos off guard. Squid!