January 14, 2008

AFC Championship

My Fit: Gap//WhiteTee//Levis//Vans

Damn right! Chargers vs. the Patriots part 3 next weekend. I'm so glad I don't have classes until next Tuesday. Chargers better get healthy and ready for the Pats 'cause it's not going to be an easy game. Hopefully our defense steps it up this weekend like it did in the Titans and Colts game. Jammer, Cromartie, & inc. are gonna have their hands full for sure. Anyways, yesterday was just another chill day. Woke up, took a shower, and watched football from 9AM-5PM. Yup, after that, went to church at St. Rita and that's about it.

He was close..

...but no cigar!

To seal the deal.


My Fit: NewEra//PaidBless//Levis//NIKE
Woke up early today to drop off Auntie Deng to the airport. I left the house about 10:10AM, picked up Auntie Deng, and drove to the airport. I'm gonna pick her up again on Wednesday night when she comes back. So after that I went to Lemon Grove to deposit some cash at the ATM inside of Albertson's. When I finished, I went to McDonald's to grab some BigMacs since their only $3. I went to the drive-thru 'cause Auntie Lyn wanted me to go to the post office and get some stamps. Can you believe I spent $10 on stamps? Ridiculous! Anyways, I go home, eat, and chill. I might choose my classes later on today so I'm ready for Thursday. Yup.

Yeah, that's right. I'm a pig.

Go Chargers!!!