January 3, 2008

Another day gone down the drain..

My Fit: NewEra//Freshjive//Footlocker//Levis//Nike

About to put the X-Mas stuff away.

My job.

When I finished without Toby's help.

Eww.. The tree is naked.

Haha, I'm not that good.

The Merry-Go-Round again?! FTW.

I think Toby's girlfriend saw me. Too bad we didn't get introduced.

Pimp my ride.


A kid at heart.

I swear, I wanted that kid to fall so badly..

Little red firetruck.

Fried Rice, Orange and Mongolian chicken. Cream Cheese Wonton & ChowMein (not pictured).

I hate this store.

Toby's pickup.

His shoes.. Loves'em more than his girlfriend.

He needs this shirt, but I'm gonna get if first. Hahahaha