January 2, 2008

Bye bye, Mommy..

My Fit: SDSUsweater//WhiteTee//ABshorts//Nike
Will be fixed later.

The line for the DMV.

So close to the door!
We finally got to go inside.

My mom taking her new picture for her driver's license.

Got this from Uncle Jun.

Digital Photo Keychain.

The train passing by after dropping off my mom at the airport.

Toby needs that shirt, fo'reel. Lol.

I thought this was a good concept, except for the AnchorBlue part.

Tryna be Neyo.

That pendent was huge. It's an actual ball.

Baby dunks. Halloween edition.

The Merry-Go-Round.

WHOA! Look at it go!

When it's not in your face, you're at the wrong place.

Toby's $6 Burger didn't look that good. [Mushroom one.]

Mine. Double SuperStar wit' an Oreo Shake. MMMmmm..