January 17, 2008

Santa Claus?!

Every since I knew about Santa, about 5 years old, I always believed he was real. I mean, they made movies about him, he was always at the mall, and even in the books I read. Now come on, you would have thought he was real in my perspective. Some todays blog is ask him to get me a camera, specifically a Canon EOS 400D/Digital Rebel XTi DSLR. Yup. It's been 19 years of getting crappy presents and my 20th BIRTHDAY is coming up, so it would be a nice jesture.
Anyways, that was just my way of showing you what kind of camera I'm thinkin' about getting in the near future. It's either that (Canon) or the Nikon D40x. They're both beginner DSLRs and they're pretty good, too. It's gonna be hard to raise money for any of those 'cause I'm going back to school and I need to pay for books and stuff. That's prolly like $500-$600 already. Plus, the lenses I wanna get for either one of those DSLRs are up in the +$100. Anyways, here a picture of the Nikon D40x:
If you want, I'll provide some specifications of both cameras and maybe you can help me decided which one to get or which ones the better from the two.

Canon EOS 400D/Digital Rebel XTi
Nikon D40x

I believe...