January 26, 2008

Tax Rebate Deal

This is awesome! Here's the link. Okay, I paraphrase what's going on and if you want to just check it out for the hell of it, click the link! So, Congress seems to be dealing with a major crisis with the economy and it's starting to become very bad and in trouble. The theory that they want to happen is if they give everyone, who is working (single or married), $600-$1200 by May, then they hope that we will spend it (instead of save it) so that the economy will get better, but it's only a temporary fix. You must be thinkin', "How would I benefit from this?" Well, I'll break it down for you. If you're working (singe or married) and on your pay check the government taxes you, then you apply to this Deal. If you're working under the table, then you're not getting anything. Also, if you're single and earn a certain amount of money, you should get around $300-$600. If you're married with kids and earn a certain amount of money, then certainly you get $700-$1200. But an easy way to find out is whether or not you have to fill out a W-2 form. Once you receive a W-2 form, you're very lucky to get that amount of money that applies to you.