May 19, 2008

Big Bang Theory Marathon

Man, today was so boring. Didn't sleep particularly well last night because I was a bit upset. My plan doesn't cover "texting" and I asked a certain individual to forget about texting me and that individual, you know who you are, just had to text me. What bothered me next was when I tried calling him/her but his/her cell phone was off and I tried calling his/her house, but he/she wasn't home. Keep in mind I called at about 10:30PM. So, that was really bugging the whole night.

Then, this morning, Auntie Lyn woke me up to ask me to use my car to pick up Uncle Ernie 'cause he got into an accident. I'm sorry, I don't know the details and I'll just leave it at that. So anyways, Lynard needed to be dropped off to the bus so he can go to school. Mariz and I took him to the bus and off he was to school. Uncle Ernie and the "crew" arrived shortly after Lynard's departure and I just went up my room to continue my "The Big Bang Theory" Marathon that I started the night before.

I went through roughly about 16 episodes. It's freakin' hilarious. If you catch an episode of it or just happen to be surfin' through the channels and land on TBBT, WATCH IT! I guarantee that it's worth the 30 min.

Before I got to the last 3 episodes, I ran out of batteries for my mouse and had to go to Walmart to buy some. Well, it was about 2PM and Toby was getting out of school. I volunteered to pick him up, so I could go to Walmart. Didn't get to take any pictures of what I got, but I will list it out just for you. OldSpice deodorant, some spray thing for car windows, sponge thingy for the car, and 4-pack of AA batteries. When Toby and I got home, I washed my car. I cleaned the windows and vacuumed the inside. I took me like 2 hrs, but it was worth it. The only thing that could have been better was the weather. Damn, it was so freakin' hot! Anyways, I took a shower and finished Season 1 of TBBT. After that, I watched majority of the Spurs/Hornets game. The Spurs came out victorious and was simply a more well-rounded team. So, yeah. Here's an update on my list.

To Do List:
  1. Wash my car [check]
  2. Rearrange furniture in my room
  3. Clean my room
  4. Visit my Grandpa Mel
  5. Set up an appointment with my EOP Counselor (WPA, grades, etc.)
  6. Visit Nursing Office (Registering for Nursing program)
  7. Set up volunteering time At Scripts/Rady Children's Hospital
  8. Register for WPA