May 19, 2008

Monday Night Convo

pinay (10:07:45 PM): heyy
pinay (10:07:50 PM): im mad
pinay (10:07:55 PM): ima eat angry
pinay (10:08:01 PM): thanks a lot
pnoy (10:08:06 PM): good
pnoy (10:08:12 PM): that's what makes you fat
pnoy (10:08:22 PM): taking your anger out on the food you eat
pinay (10:08:50 PM): i will put a curse on you tonigth that you wont be able to sleep unless you talk to me...
pnoy (10:09:04 PM): eww.
pinay (10:09:04 PM): k remember that
pinay (10:09:05 PM): bye


J0NLEE said...

Buddy Reeve, how does it feel now that you're officially on vacation? I still have 4 weeks of school left. Miss you buddy. Come back and visit us.