October 9, 2008

That stressful time of year

2 midterms down, 2 more to go. Man, Psychology & Human Physiology is kickin' my ass. I pretty much doodle durin' lectures. Have to start studying for Astrobiology & Anthropology or else the catastrophe that happened last night will repeat itself.

October 7 - Tuesday

Presidental debate. Anyone watch it? Pretty boring, but the "W" goes to Obama. McCain was pretty weird and I just felt like he was trying to suck up to everyone with the questions.

October 8 - Wednesday

Midterm exams can bring out the worst in people. When its crunch time, that's when you know what kind of person you. Well, I mean, I know what kind of person I am. Procrastinator, lazy, stupid, etc.

I had a monster, 7-8 hours to study, & about 11 days of lecture notes to review. Actual time studying: 4 hrs. at night; 1.5 hrs. the day of the exam. Geez, I digressed too much. Created a wallpaper for my desktop, not finished, but very close. Took like 2-4 hrs. of Photoshopping. Around 9-9:30PM, decided to start, but Pango was hella barking and it was annoying. Ran outside to let him pee; went to my room and he starts barking again. Closed all the windows and didn't stop 'til Midnight. Had like 4 lecture notes to study off of, so I decided to put off studying until the next morning. Slept for 2 hrs., woke up, ISS 'til 4:30AM, and went back to sleep.

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I copied Jon Lee. He kinda wrote like that on my bookcover in sophomore year and had those arrow thingies, so it stuck to me until now..

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a "grip.." lol

October 9 - Thursday

Slept for 2 hrs. and got ready for school. Started studying again and went to class. The exam went pretty good; felt like I knew what was going on and pretty much felt like a solid B. Time to relax and watch Smallville. Maybe work on my secret project. hehe..

Sabotages, anyone?!


fatjodz said...

nice project lol and of course, nice sbtg