December 24, 2008

Not what it used to be...

The past few Christmas's haven't been so hyped up like it was before. I mean, there was like probably like only 1 or 2 Christmas's that I was able to spend with my Ex and the rest weren't as exciting like when we were kids. I miss those days, waiting 'til midnight for Christmas to come & presents get to be opened. Iono. I wish I could have made them much more worth celebrating. This year is probably like the worst it will be. Like, I'm down for celebrating, but I need new surroundings or something. I wanna chill with all my friends I haven't seen since like last year or even graduation. It's nice to see how we all have changed, even if some of us haven't. All I know is that I can't wait to see my mom. I really miss her & hope she's doing fine because she's got so many problems, I'm starting to get really worried about her.

Well, anyways...

Happy Holidays!