December 12, 2008

Tatak Ng Apat Na Alon Tribe

Random Thoughts
Finals are coming up. The stress is going to pile up even more. I'm gonna be so busy up until the 18th. My Astrobiology Final is on Monday, so I'm gonna study Sunday. Next is Physiology, which is gonna kick my ass, on Tuesday. I'm starting to study tonight, tomorrow, & Monday after Astrobiology. Then Thursday, I will be wrapping it up with Anthropology and I'm going to a Final Review Saturday morning then study again Wednesday. Hopefully, I can work a little before going home. I need some cash...

December 12th - Friday

Just went to my last day of classes & home. Dropped off Mariz to work & took the opportunity to chill downtown. I seriously need to get out of this house & off this laptop. Balboa? Sea Port Village? Coronado?

Watched a video about Taboo in Anthropology. Talked something about traditional tattoos of people in Malaysia. I thought about Filipino Traditional Tattoos & came up with this website. Check it out.


In the gallery section, scroll down the first page & check out SERGIO LAURENTE's ink. I want something like that, but just a sleeve.