April 3, 2009

"Your heart & I enganged in a game of hide & seek...

Ne-yo - Dream
...since our very first encounter I was playing finders keep."

Another one on my playlist...

April 3rd - Friday

April is just rollin' by on its third day. Days seem to be getting shorter and the semester about to end in about a month. Well, had trouble fallin' asleep again last night. I don't know why this is happening to me all of a sudden. I've suddenly started feeling like how I was back in October/November and I hate it with a passion...

Going to bed hasn't been the same
My mind went from peaceful to insane
But i don't want you to be the blame
For my life becoming so plain
& feeling like its going down the drain.
Its been over 5 months & a few days
Falling asleep tired of thinking you is the only way
I calm my mind, but that's what's decieving
Once we meet again while i'm dreaming
You hunt me to the point i start crying
& the pain the comes along with the harsh reality
Of you not loving me weakens my mentality
Leaving me pessimistic of the future
Cause you got me out of the picture
Bewilderingly looking into the mirror
Wondering how i became such a failure...

Lunch/Dinner since its Friday