April 2, 2009

"I refuse to move from this spot ...

Ne-yo - Waiting
...until i feel your heart pressed against mine again."

Love this song. Once I heard it, it went straight to my iPhone.

April 2nd - Thursday

Had a few problems going to sleep the other night & this keep me up for some time. Happened again last night & thought I'd finish it. It's stupid, I know.....

I wake up in the middle of the night
Change position & turn to my right
Stare at the empty space by the side of me
& picture you sleepin' right there next to me...

I swear it feels so real, noting else like it
I feel stupid fallin' for my mind's tricks
As if i'd get to hear your ringtone
That would ring to my favorite song
To only leave me disappointed & distraught
Of the idea of you havin' at least one thought
Of me like every night since the day
You & i decided to part our ways

Laying here lookin' up at the ceiling
Draws out all of my feelings
& i can sense the tears rollin' off my cheeks
I don't know if i can go on for another week
'cause its eatin' away the tissue in my heart
When i realize that distance tore us apart
Should have known it from the start
Confident the strength of my love
would see us through the dark...

Attended a Baptism class since Ate Joy just recently added Toby and I as Godparents for Alyssa. So far, my godchildren are my cousin's baby in the Philippines (I think?), Alyssa Joy, and another one coming this Fall. Geez, I'm getting old. Hopefully I get to go to Las Vegas with everyone after the Christening next weekend...

Crappy weather today, reminds me of the Bay

Finally rode in Mariz's new car

Not a single patch of blue sky...

Vaqueros > Alanberto's

Chillin' at Starbucks

Venti Hot Chocolate; yummy =]