June 19, 2009

"Pushed on a wall, hit it in the face ...

...I don't wanna go, I'll stop a day"

June 18th Thursday
Congrats to my cousin, Peter, for finally getting into the US Navy! Went to the ChopShop, Walmart, chilled at my cousin's house, then downtown. Hit up Deco's 'cause we heard Pleasure P was gonna be there and those guys who made the Jerk song. Had a good time.

So here's the thing. Pleasure P is finished performing and the club is over. I'm standing near the elavator just waiting for Peter. Then I see some guy with some nice ass jewelry on and I'm thinkin' "oh, shit! Pleasure P!" He walks past me to the elavator with a few body guards and ladies. I was arms length away from him. Lol, I was gonna say whatup, but some chick was in my way. I shoulda took a picture with my iphone but it woulda looked so homo to do it. hahaha. damnit, shoulda shook his hand or something...

Not enough light! GAWWDDD, damnit!

June 19th Friday
The last of my collection. Everyone's getting hit by the economy, especially me. Mann, it sucks but there'll be a time and place for when I get back into it. Look for a thread soon on NSB/ISS.

It's looking like there's a good chance I'm coming home again. Might leave tonight, so I don't know. Lookin' forward to seein' my SC family again freakin' 6 months later! Crazy...

Everything, but SBTGs for sale. Testing the waters with SBTGs. No trades.


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