May 12, 2015

Philippines Vacation Pt. 1

Here are photos of my trip to the Philippines. 2004 was the last time I visited, but it certainly won't be the last. Enjoy!

 photo IMG_9897 copy_zpsp29ffgft.jpg
First day, welcomed with smiles and FOOD!

Visiting Baguio City was first on the agenda.

 photo IMG_9901 copy_zpstvcjxo8q.jpg  photo IMG_9902 copy_zps68nijw7y.jpg  photo IMG_9903 copy_zpsompfiges.jpg  photo IMG_9909 copy_zpsfq2qwrcr.jpg  photo IMG_9911 copy_zps1y2wz7u7.jpg  photo IMG_9912 copy_zps1hclnvcw.jpg  photo IMG_9914 copy_zpsydsidgju.jpg  photo IMG_9922 copy_zpsqz0rnvo9.jpg  photo IMG_9923 copy_zpsp6uymso4.jpg  photo IMG_9924 copy_zpsjre3wdcy.jpg  photo IMG_9926 copy_zpsthmwaewz.jpg  photo IMG_9930 copy_zpso3ghca5z.jpg  photo IMG_9932 copy_zpso3jdc6w2.jpg  photo IMG_9933 copy_zpsin74vjb2.jpg  photo IMG_9934 copy_zpsb2hkbhnm.jpg  photo Untitled1_zpsjdinqnrn.jpg  photo IMG_9939 copy_zpsdvsru33b.jpg  photo IMG_9941 copyedited_zpsr9mgsfif.jpg  photo IMG_9942 copy_zpsglzkp3vr.jpg  photo IMG_9944 copy_zps5ytbikzz.jpg  photo Untitled2_zpsl5mi8cnx.jpg  photo IMG_9948 copy_zpsaee41khx.jpg  photo IMG_9949 copy_zpskdvjvugj.jpg  photo IMG_9953 copyedited_zps14tcuwfo.jpg photo IMG_9957 copy_zpsvsy8wa9f.jpg  photo IMG_9958 copyedited_zpsyjfejhzt.jpg  photo IMG_9959 copy_zpsmxmjhsfb.jpg  photo IMG_9960 copy_zpspe0ug7we.jpg  photo IMG_9961 copy_zpszqkcpm95.jpg  photo IMG_9962 copy_zpstnvozs02.jpg  photo IMG_9964 copy_zpstpibxsae.jpg  photo IMG_9965 copy_zpssbdjovnx.jpg  photo IMG_9966 copy_zpspodme3r0.jpg  photo IMG_9967 copyedited_zpsocqmo99h.jpg  photo IMG_9968 copy_zpsm8o7tzbn.jpg  photo IMG_9969 copy_zpsarojtcjl.jpg  photo IMG_9970 copy_zpsr2asylms.jpg  photo IMG_9971 copy_zpsbqjwq9sd.jpg  photo IMG_9974 copy_zpsyozb5uaw.jpg
 photo IMG_9976 copyedited_zpsr8eub0yi.jpg
 photo IMG_9978 copyedited_zpshgoyjou2.jpg

After the Botanical Garden and La Presa, we took a break at our hotel before it unexpectedly rained and ended our sightseeing for the day.

 photo IMG_9984 copy_zpsbhrgkzyo.jpg  photo IMG_9985 copy_zpslumivbmt.jpg  photo IMG_9986 copy_zps1k5pieh7.jpg  photo IMG_9987 copy_zpskfjo9qem.jpg  photo IMG_9988 copy_zpshrqeghv3.jpg  photo IMG_9992 copy_zpshcpwyyww.jpg  photo IMG_9993 copy_zpsrlaacz7o.jpg  photo IMG_9995 copy_zpsmt8i2pu2.jpg

After a good nights rest, we head to a few more attractions before heading home.

 photo IMG_9997 copy_zpsuo5e32nd.jpg  photo IMG_9999 copy_zpsfl8fba7m.jpg  photo IMG_0001 copy_zpsxqc9pwfu.jpg  photo IMG_0002 copy_zpsmkh52v6g.jpg  photo IMG_0003 copy_zpsxft2typa.jpg  photo IMG_0004 copy_zpsdyqbxizt.jpg  photo IMG_0005 copy_zpsucgk9jdp.jpg  photo IMG_0006 copy_zpsuquzsbpk.jpg  photo IMG_0008 copy_zpsa63rnejx.jpg  photo IMG_0009 copy_zpslkgefkit.jpg  photo IMG_0011 copy_zpsvevfrag6.jpg  photo IMG_0013 copy_zpsxajbdwbr.jpg  photo IMG_0017 copy_zps91gntzuq.jpg  photo IMG_0018 copy_zpsuzyeeowj.jpg  photo IMG_0019 copy_zpsn44vf4su.jpg 
Coincidentally, it was my nephew's, Marcus, 3rd birthday and we celebrated it at Jollibee!
 photo IMG_0025 copy_zpsgjlhhsa7.jpg  photo IMG_0027 copy_zpswnnnyksm.jpg  photo IMG_0028 copy_zpswaxxofn0.jpg  photo IMG_0030 copy_zpseqhjg03m.jpg  photo IMG_0035 copy_zps5q28bcuv.jpg  photo IMG_0036 copy_zpsp44jccgx.jpg

Next stop, Manaog!
 photo IMG_0038 copy_zpskcimxnss.jpg  photo IMG_0039 copy_zpsktyytzz6.jpg  photo IMG_0041 copy_zpsbzujt1uc.jpg  photo IMG_0042 copy_zpsxfmijqzd.jpg


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