May 21, 2015

Philippines Vacation Pt. 2

Here are photos of my trip to the Philippines. 2004 was the last time I visited, but it certainly won't be the last. Enjoy!

These photos are from my visit to Montemaria, which is located right by the Batangas bay. It was very windy, yet so refreshing because it helped erase the humidity. Most definitely one of my favorite spots in Batangas.

 photo IMG_0043 copy_zpss0zhjfvf.jpg  photo IMG_0046 copy_zpsojfcshnl.jpg  photo IMG_0050 copy_zpsq0luvohe.jpg  photo IMG_0052 copy_zpsyooq6g6d.jpg  photo IMG_0053 copy_zpsx4uvucmn.jpg  photo IMG_0054 copy_zpstjcozc2q.jpg  photo IMG_0056 copy_zpsnmb2fldt.jpg  photo IMG_0057 copy_zpsmgcektrh.jpg  photo IMG_0058 copy_zpsdq22ctqg.jpg  photo IMG_0059 copy_zpsiqsmkufv.jpg  photo IMG_0060 copy_zpss2bnptly.jpg  photo IMG_0061 copy_zps4izyx94p.jpg  photo IMG_0063 copy_zps9ae6uzu0.jpg  photo monte_zpsbvg9mewl.jpg  photo IMG_0080 copy_zpsvskqzri8.jpg  photo IMG_0081 copy_zpsnnzsgo8w.jpg  photo IMG_0082 copy_zpsxng88601.jpg  photo IMG_0083 copy_zpsnmbeaoc1.jpg  photo Untitled1_zps0bpizt4e.jpg  photo IMG_0089 copy_zpslbupuqh1.jpg  photo IMG_0090 copy_zpsn9eipwha.jpg  photo IMG_0091 copy_zps7srps5wm.jpg  photo IMG_0092 copy_zpsuwgh7jsy.jpg  photo IMG_0093 copy_zpsxqf5b9pl.jpg  photo IMG_0094 copy_zps7rely3qa.jpg  photo IMG_0096 copy_zpsmwg8vdbr.jpg  photo IMG_0097 copy_zpsef2nli59.jpg  photo IMG_0098 copy_zpsaxuwsvwd.jpg