July 1, 2015

Philippines Vacation Part 6

Here are photos of my trip to the Philippines. 2004 was the last time I visited, but it certainly won't be the last. Enjoy!

These photos are from our last day in the Philippines. It just so happened to be Mother's Day, and we were able to celebrate Lola by preparing lunch and taking lot of pictures!

 photo IMG_0254 copy_zpsqwmxwxhr.jpg  photo IMG_0255 copy_zps4w41nilq.jpg  photo IMG_0256 copy_zpszduxdje5.jpg  photo IMG_0258 copy_zps5jzbzgzt.jpg  photo IMG_0259 copy_zpsfnlik9oa.jpg  photo IMG_0261 copy_zpso8rukzjm.jpg  photo IMG_0265 copy_zps9rz1floe.jpg  photo IMG_0266 copy_zps7xulu19a.jpg  photo IMG_0268 copy_zps8cbellwm.jpg  photo IMG_0269 copy_zpsyvulhcr7.jpg  photo IMG_0270 copy_zpsjmx65ou6.jpg  photo IMG_0271 copy_zpskraagwr7.jpg  photo IMG_0272 copy_zpsghkyxqau.jpg  photo IMG_0273 copy_zpso1vpanol.jpg  photo IMG_0274 copy_zpsutk9cu7q.jpg  photo IMG_0275 copy_zpshbhs5h6g.jpg  photo IMG_0278 copy_zpsg5uesasw.jpg  photo IMG_0282 copy_zpsxjxpgrp7.jpg  photo IMG_0283 copy_zpsmqatxgjp.jpg  photo IMG_0284 copy_zpsa1wdfcyn.jpg