June 24, 2015

Philippines Vacation Pt. 5

Here are photos of my trip to the Philippines. 2004 was the last time I visited, but it certainly won't be the last. Enjoy!

These are photos from our family outing to Isola Vista, a beach/pool resort that fairly close to MonteMaria in Batangas. We had planned this outing for after Lola's birthday and my niece and nephews were very excited in anticipation for this trip. The resort was very beautiful with 3 pools with varying depths of water, which were right next to a beach. My only problem with the resort was the pool water because it seemed like they were using the ocean water, which made it quite salty and irritating to your eyes when open under water. Other than that, we had a blast.

 photo IMG_0202 copy_zpsnltnks4k.jpg  photo IMG_0203 copy_zps3a5elqit.jpg  photo IMG_0204 copy_zpsw2wfyne8.jpg  photo IMG_0205 copy_zps3mj57lb0.jpg  photo IMG_0206 copy_zpsdrarr5e8.jpg  photo IMG_0208 copy_zpslkod4rsi.jpg  photo IMG_0209 copy_zps0pasp9mw.jpg  photo IMG_0211 copy_zpseakkpnw6.jpg  photo IMG_0212 copy_zpscuyq1ucr.jpg  photo IMG_0214 copy_zpsy0epapbw.jpg  photo IMG_0215 copy_zpsmi9euk4u.jpg  photo IMG_0216 copy_zpsirqha7tg.jpg  photo IMG_0217 copy_zpsd7sutkvs.jpg  photo IMG_0218 copy_zps7vo1qzeh.jpg  photo IMG_0219 copy_zpsxjph4d4q.jpg  photo IMG_0220 copy_zps6jk9http.jpg  photo IMG_0223 copy_zpsebdildkq.jpg  photo IMG_0225 copy_zpsvaxkgojl.jpg  photo IMG_0226 copy_zpswca59dj5.jpg  photo IMG_0230 copy_zpse1l5omsi.jpg  photo IMG_0231 copy_zpsjvrqq8am.jpg  photo IMG_0232 copy_zpsdoos3cwb.jpg  photo IMG_0233 copy_zpstrbetgum.jpg  photo IMG_0234 copy_zpsnyejqlhd.jpg  photo IMG_0235 copy_zpsywi4vhwc.jpg  photo IMG_0236 copy_zpszozjbtod.jpg  photo IMG_0237 copy_zps7s4lxjo4.jpg  photo IMG_0246 copy_zpsgazvmj84.jpg  photo IMG_0249 copy_zpsmn8c2uzl.jpg