December 31, 2007

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.....

Happy New Year!!
I'll fix this later. Here are the pictures:

Auntie Lyn & my mom preparing the food

I spy whiskey

There it is!

Lynard's excited

Yeah! We got Cyder!!

Happy New Year!!

I didn't catch the flames, but Toby almost got burned

Do you see the ghosts?

Check out my shorts.. They glow!!

Nothing's better than Auntie Yoly's 6 Layer Dip

The Grub


This one was the biggest & Toby and Jericho shared it..

Toby led the prayer

FTW?! Almost forgot Auntie Hammie, Lol

Everyone's hungry

My plate of oysters

This one was hella long & hella good, too!

MMMMMmmmmm.. Vinegar+Tobasco

Do you have dance fever? Ate Juvy, Ate Jonah, & Kris being silly.

Look at it spin!

This is dance fever.. Even Auntie Hammie got it!

The dance floor.

Uncle Ernie is Eragon.

So is Kris.

The gooods.

Pascual & Ate Joy's first New Year's Eve with us.

I-22.. BINGO! sike.

My mom. I almost mistakened her for the Disco Ball, Lol

Didn't quite finish it..

The one in the back wasn't good at all..

The Men's Team. Team Drunk as hell.

The Ladies Team. Team We Kicked your asses.


Gabrielle said...

happy new year reeve! im gonna save your blog in my blog =) <33