January 2, 2008

Resolution, Thoughts, & Happenings..

My Fit: Manifest//Levis//Nike
Reeve's New Year Resolutions for 2008
1. Eat & drink healthier with exercising/working out
2. Control my frustration & no more grudges
3. Save money (at least have $3000 in my checking)
4. Focus on school (no Procrastinating!!)
5. Quantity < style="font-weight: bold;" size="4">Reeve's "Grail List" for 2008
* Fogs
* Iowas
* Awayguns
* Hulks
* Sea Crystals
* Tiffany's

Listed in order:
*Pictures Courtesy of Dunksrnice, Leyesa, & LDS. Via NSB.org/ISS*

A lot had gone on in my mind throughout the whole day. I'll continue this later, too. While you're here, these will help describe my day.
My mom, Princess, & Kris walkin' from church.

Lola's New Year's Day Party. VIP's only. jk.

Ate Juvy being silly. Lynard likes it, though...

...Until the diaper goes on his head.

Lynard: "Are you serious? Ysabella here, too?
Princess Grace Bantug Gonzales

I have to enlarge this.. But how!?

Lola's room. About the 2nd time I've been in there since she pasted away.

Got hops? Not.

Chelsea is sick.

She's skinny and hasn't eaten in awhile.

Doctor Kris & Toby to the rescue.

This one would have been better if I was at home.

Can you guess which one's photoshoped? From the top of Lola's hill in the backyard.

I think this one's the original.