December 30, 2007

Big Tummies!!

My Fit: Nothing special.. PoloShirt//Levis505//Nikes

Special Shoutout: Happy 21st Birthday, Erwin! I know you're in the Philippines and I just wanted to send out a lil' greeting for you! Love ya, bro!

Hi. Today was an okay day. I woke up today wanting to go back to sleep, but I had to go to church. Kris and Princess were supposedly going wit' my mom and I, but they were still taking a shower when we got to their house. My mom said that Kris went home early, too, but I guess they didn't want to go. That's okay. So, we went to church at St. Joesph on the 10:30 mass and I was able to use my GPS for the first time. Anyways, church was a'ight, the priest guy changed up the mass a lil' and I was pretty much awake for the sermon and it was interesting. After church, they had 2008 calendars for free and my mom got 2 for her and Auntie Lyn. Get this; when I walked outside of church, some beezy wearing purple pigeons mean muggs me like a punk. Haha, brush the dirty of my shoulder fo'reel!!

Anyways, after mass, we bought flowers for Lola and visited her for awhile. There were a bunch a people at Greenwood when we got there. I really miss her. This is pretty much the first X-mas and New Years Eve that she won't be physically with us. Her grave is beautiful. Check it out.
She has her own X-mas tree

My mom and her new stunnashades tryna get the wick out

My mom got hungry and so we went to Golden Chopsticks for lunch and ordered Sweet&Sour Chicken, Chow Mien, fried rice, and Cream Cheese Wontons. Damn, those Wontons were hella bomb! Listen up, when we were about to order, this old waiter Chinese guys takes my menu any from me.. FTW!! I was pissed off; then my mom ordered and when she asked me what I was gonna get, I hella made sure that old Chinese guy (no racism) heard me say, "LEMME SEE THE MENU." Lol, that guy hella tried to give me the menu, but too bad for you, mister. So, when we got the food, I hella pigged out. Didn't get to finish our food and so we took it togo.
The infamous "menu"

Fried Rice half finished

Sweet & Sour Chicken

Chow Mien

So, once we paid, my mom went to Goldilocks and there were hella people there. I think they were waiting to be seated or something. My mom bought a round sansrival cake and puto. While we were waiting for the ladie to write "Happy New Year", I was checking out their cakes and I found one I really liked. Lol, yup my birthday's coming up and I was bored and thinking what kind of cake I would have wanted if I was younger. Yeah, yeah I'm pretty weird.

We got one down here, too

TMNT<3 Forever
When I dropped off the togo and stuff from GL, I followed my mom to SeaFoodCity. You'd think it was Walmart on Christmas Eve! It was packed. The lines to check out were long and the space or aisles at the cash register were hella small, too! Shoot, we went to one line and found out they were closing it and stood and waited there for nothing. So, we moved to another line and waited forever 'til we paid. After that, we went home .
It's like you're back in Philippines...

The Chargers we up by 7 when we got home. Auntie Lyn and everyone weren't home and I basically watched the Chargers beat JaMarcus Russell and the Raiders for the 9th straight time. Great game! Kudos to the Pats for their 16-0 season. Anyways, when Auntie Lyn and them got home I had to watch Lynard for awhile and dropped off my mom to her sister's house once they got back from the 99cent store.
Lynard missed Auntie Lyn sooo much that he just had
to put her in a headlock, so she doesn't go anywhere

So far, that's been the whole day for me. I just wanna sleep and relax tonight. Been a stressful week and weekend sinced I worked yesterday. I just wanna end by saying that my girlfriend's been on my mind the whole day and even while I've been typing. I love you and miss you to the maximum. Hope your New Year is good to you.