December 28, 2007

Shopping Time!!

My Fit: NewEra//OldNavy//Orisue//Levis505//GreenTokyos
Today was good; I was able to spend some time with my mom. We first went out to Fry's Electronics to buy my Christmas present. My mom didn't know what to get me and she only thought about getting me something while she was here. On our way to Fry's, it's was hella traffic. My goodness, it was so damn traffic there, but it wasn't as traffic on Black Friday when Toby and I were there. Anyways, my mom and I walk around, checked out the cameras, but didn't get to go to the video game section. I was about to get a Garmen Nuvi 200, but this one sales guy hella convinced me to get a Tom Tom. Man, I swear, I wouldn't make a good sales person after that guy.. There goes my chances for a career as a salesman. The GPS I my mom bought me was pretty impressive.

I will never get lost...

Although I don't show it much, I do love my mom. She's been the only person to be with me through thick n' thin. Asides from that, after Fry's we went to Walmart and Plaza Bonita. My mom was lookin' for some stunnashades and she found some at Plaza Bonita. Haha, I was tellin' her to get Gucci, but she just looked at me. Once we were through with the mall, my mom got hungry and we ate at Jack in the Box. #2 is hella good, trust me. You know when were in there, there was this Bum inside and he sat like behind my mom. He was hella greeting everyone like he was thinking someone was going to give him some money. He seemed nice, but we was hella creepy. When we finished eating, I hella hurried to the nearest garbage bin and fortunately, he didn't say anything to us. Lol, if he did, I probably would have a conversation with him or something.. Once we got home my mom went to her sister's house and I chilled and played wit' Lynard.