May 26, 2009

"Plus my rims keep shinnin'...

...something like the Patriots, I just keep winnin'."

May 21st Thursday
Part deux. Chilled pretty much the whole day on Thursday. Went to the Valley Fair, Great Mall, then stopped by Auntie Chit's house to see what the Tanjocos were up to.

May 22nd Friday
Part tres. Fk clubbing at Illusions in Palo Alto. Meetup with some old friends that I haven't seen in awhile and just fk had a great time. I was so drunk. Afterwards, chilled at Irvine's place for awhile to sober up. Been a hella long time since I saw Christine, Rocky, Irvine, & Ate Jocelyn. It was like a Columbia Middle School reunion or something! Lol.

"Some of that High-end, shit..." Lol

Pre-gaming it like usual

No fk bullshit

Tight All night


Jocelyn said...

aw yay, its us :)

it was good seeing you too, ading! we needa do that again. roadtrip to SD? haha. i feel like i haven't made any contact with you in hella days when we were always hella tryna get ahold of each other while u were here. aw, i misses you already! lol