September 6, 2009

"Take this pillow right here and...

...I know you're so excited, if you bite it they wont hear."

First week of school is always the best week of the semester. Go through syllabi, leave class, and go home. Bunch of lower division classes so that I get financial aid money. Got the direct deposit last night, so I basically got my refund back. Weather was crazy all week. High 80s to mid 90s temperature and all my classes are hella far from where I park. As long as I'm away from home, I'm happy.

Well, I've been contemplating lately on whether to get a PS3. Price cut, built-in Blu-Ray player, and most of all, Final Fantasy VII?! I'm ready to kick ass with Cloud. But anyways, I need a tv first if I'm going to even consider buying a PS3.

Went to Sears after church today and saw the LCD TV I was planning on getting. I was a lil' undecided between the 22-in & 26-in, but after today I know I want the 26. It's awesome..


Not exactly the same model, but similar features..


The perfect spot...

Trey songz Neighbors know my name