May 30, 2015

Philippines Vacation Pt. 3

Here are photos of my trip to the Philippines. 2004 was the last time I visited, but it certainly won't be the last. Enjoy!

These photos are from a spur of the moment photoshoot with my grandmother a few days before her birthday party. We planned to use these for her birthday banner and t-shirts. It was a fun and memorable little session.

 photo IMG_0099 copy_zps7ft99kwj.jpg  photo IMG_0103 copy_zpsqfynjviw.jpg  photo IMG_0107 copy_zpsgdhblntr.jpg  photo IMG_0108 copy_zpsn0v0qiim.jpg  photo IMG_0110 copy_zpswe9c5bzi.jpg  photo IMG_0111 copy_zpse4ubyvp0.jpg  photo IMG_0115 copy_zpsn2ode7z7.jpg  photo IMG_0116 copy_zpspnzdkfko.jpg  photo IMG_0117 copy_zpsq2aorvmy.jpg  photo IMG_0118 copy_zpslf1iuv8e.jpg  photo IMG_0123 copy_zpsmkw4voq9.jpg  photo IMG_0124 copy_zpsr2nnwzp2.jpg  photo IMG_0125 copy_zps8srlihvg.jpg