June 17, 2015

Philippines Vacation Pt. 4

Here are photos of my trip to the Philippines. 2004 was the last time I visited, but it certainly won't be the last. Enjoy!

These are photos from our lola's 87th birthday celebrated on May 1st. It was an unusually HOT day and I didn't get to snap as many pictures as I would have liked, but at least there was something. Most definitely looking forward to our 30/60/90 bday extravaganza in 3 years! Lol. Love you, Lola!

These first few are from preparations the night before the party.

 photo IMG_0126 copy_zpssd4jhxbm.jpg  photo IMG_0127 copy_zpsfdtpz9p8.jpg  photo IMG_0129 copy_zps6duypxbs.jpg  photo IMG_0130 copy_zps0d3s9djl.jpg  photo IMG_0132 copy_zpstdulhjzv.jpg  photo IMG_0133 copy_zpsbud6zvxy.jpg  photo IMG_0134 copy_zps875hfsxj.jpg  photo IMG_0137 copy_zpsloy8i1g8.jpg

The big 8-7!

 photo IMG_0148 copy_zpsdhm13zlk.jpg  photo IMG_0149 copy_zpsdk6t8opy.jpg  photo IMG_0150 copy_zpsabvpstuq.jpg  photo IMG_0151 copy_zpsqizplicw.jpg  photo IMG_0158 copy_zpsi2ip8ysw.jpg  photo IMG_0160 copy_zpsn70hkdjt.jpg  photo IMG_0161 copy_zpseduuwmct.jpg  photo IMG_0163 copy_zpsf25zd0hc.jpg  photo IMG_0164 copy_zpsxm8rna9y.jpg  photo IMG_0165 copy_zpsxnktx4dd.jpg  photo IMG_0166 copy_zpsn0grcmhz.jpg  photo IMG_0167 copy_zpsvtbuwbyf.jpg  photo IMG_0170 copy_zps0kc9kuwt.jpg  photo IMG_0171 copy_zpszrtt3at6.jpg  photo IMG_0172 copy_zpsm1tw7b82.jpg  photo IMG_0173 copy_zpscwlhzqz9.jpg  photo IMG_0174 copy_zpsuepylsry.jpg  photo IMG_0175 copy_zpsa5fgbqfn.jpg  photo IMG_0177 copy_zpssc3dfeai.jpg  photo IMG_0179 copy_zpswwpomyp4.jpg  photo IMG_0180 copy_zps5tgrje4h.jpg  photo IMG_0181 copy_zps81zngljv.jpg  photo IMG_0182 copy_zpsmv7gxfvh.jpg  photo IMG_0184 copy_zpsek3i4wkf.jpg  photo IMG_0185 copy_zpsoumcsvhw.jpg  photo IMG_0186 copy_zpstk7uejl9.jpg  photo IMG_0188 copy_zpsjnxgqkye.jpg  photo IMG_0189 copy_zps4cgwcvmq.jpg  photo IMG_0190 copy_zpsdga0nwbm.jpg  photo IMG_0191 copy_zps6ywlefco.jpg  photo IMG_0192 copy_zpsxevmtuci.jpg  photo IMG_0193 copy_zpszqgugk8q.jpg  photo IMG_0194 copy_zpstncli1pm.jpg  photo IMG_0195 copy_zpsmq1jrwjj.jpg

Photos of the Flores de Mayo celebration after Lola's party.

 photo IMG_0197 copy_zps1t9tjvbe.jpg  photo IMG_0198 copy_zpstie9ylh4.jpg  photo IMG_0199 copy_zpsmrhkqmi6.jpg  photo IMG_0200 copy_zpsb0ud9j4o.jpg  photo IMG_0201 copy_zpsd0pzahik.jpg